• Montmartre Kitchen Sink

    Montmartre Kitchen Sink

    It’s a rainy morning in Paris. Warm, fragile droplets of rain softly tap onto the pavement creating a soothing scent of asphalt, summer and freshly baked baguettes. The drizzle, is feeble, dampening the dust of the city streets after the…

  • The E-Scooter Has Arrived

    The E-Scooter Has Arrived

    Paris has recently been invaded. By e-scooters, or “trottinettes” as they are referred to by Parisians and not everyone is happy about it. Le e-scooter Start Up est arrivé Pioneered in San Francisco, micro mobility is the most rapidly expanding…

  • Paris & A Heatwave that is "Too Much."

    Paris & A Heatwave that is “Too Much.”

    Paris is hot. Très hot. The beginning of this week brought with it yet another heatwave and a red weather warning for, erm, heat. Living as I do, in the UK Lake District, a red weather alert means something entirely…

  • Breaking The Ice With Picard
    French Food

    Breaking The Ice With Picard

    This week I visited Picard, France’s favourite frozen food emporium. In all the years I’ve been visiting France, I’ve never set foot in one, single Picard store. There’s even one smack bang, opposite my apartment. So, I decided it was…

  • Bastille Day
    Bastille Day

    Bastille Day

    Bastille Day. I hadn’t planned to celebrate it but a sudden fly by over the rooftops of Montmartre by Patrouille de France (PAF) on it’s training run for the big day, changed my mind. Maybe it was the colossal roar…

  • Montmartre

    Square Leon Serpollet & 700 Jewish Children

    A huge, cool, leafy emerald, in the middle of the 18th arrondissement, Square Leon Serpollet is a park situated directly behind Rue Ordener on Rues des Cloys. Named after the inventor of the steam-car, Léon Serpollet, the park sits upon the…

  • Paris

    Le Shopping

    It’s impossible to live in Paris without doing le shopping at some point. My neighbourhood in Montmartre has a supermarket on every corner, so it seems only right that I should acquaint myself with a few. I don’t mind admitting…

  • Monmartre

    153 Rue Ordener, Montmartre

    It’s almost the end of my first week on Rue Ordener. So far we’ve had a day with no running water, a wedding and a visit from two fire engines. I’d call that a roaring success for week 1 in…

  • Paris, at last. My new front door.

    Paris, at last

    The week before leaving for Paris I worked in London, Oxford and Birmingham. Sunday night I was back in London ready for le early 07.55 Eurostar and Paris, at last. A wave of panic I think that I was so…