Backing a Paris Bookshop Dream

A Paris Bookshop Dream

If you thought you’d seen the beginning of the end for bookshops, Lucie Camara and Louise Binns are rewriting the story. Ross Gay said “A good little bookstore…is a laboratory for our coming together.” and that’s exactly what the fabulously named Coven Paris bookshop will be.

Why Coven Bookshop & Café?

Paris has its fair share of bookshops, but ony a handful are anglophone. Even fewer are dedicated to intersectional feminism. Coven will bridge that gap with an English language feminist bookshop & café in Paris.

Lucie says “From day one, Coven Paris has been about creating a community, a space that would feel like a home to locals and international visitors.” Great ethical coffee, books and feminist conversation? Coven sounds like exactly the kind of place where I’d love to spend time in Paris. That’s why I’m backing the Coven Kickstarter Campaign. With 11 days left to their target, the dynamic duo are almost there with over half of the £21,358 total already pledged. The project currently has over 248 backers – but it needs more. 

Why I’m Supporting Coven Kickstarter

This is the kind of space that I visit in London and the Lake District. Coffee. Conversation. events. It’s a rare thing to find somewhere that aspires to be all of those things. Coven is ticking all of my boxes and more with the promise of a safe and welcoming space, open communication, thought-provoking conversation, transparent sourcing and an unwavering commitment to human and environmental rights.

Support Coven

If, like me, you love the idea of of a sustainable and ethical Coven (that name!) and are able to contribute to the project, please follow this link. If you don’t have the financial bandwidth after Christmas then you can still support it by sharing details of the Kickstarter campaign on social media. Paris needs a new bookshop and cafe dedicated as a safe space – its own fabulous feminist laboratory for coming together in the north east of the capital.

The experience of a good bookshop complete with caffeine is like no other. Coven aims to open in 2020, welcoming a global community, offering the space to facilitate local and international events. I can’t wait to grab an Americano, browse their shelves, sit back in a place that to quote Tracey Bond, allows me to “Re-craft brain-cell recharge, and recreate; for the author & reader community…that place is a bookstore, and its cafe becomes a welcoming hangout, almost any day.” 

I wonder if I could get them to come to the Lake District……?

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