At the beginning of 2019 I sat down and took a good long look at my bucket list. Living in Paris had been on my list for a long, long time. So I decided to do something about it.

I’ve been visiting the same street in Montmartre for the last 20 years (nope, that wasn’t a typo, it really has been that long). It feels like home. So, that’s what I decided to make it for the summer. I ticked living in Paris off my bucket list and carved out a petit corner of zen for myself on Rue Ordener in Paris.

Living and working on Rue Ordener made me realise that as a freelancer (13 years and counting) I could live anywhere I like. Believe it or not, that took a while to sink in. It felt scary and a little bit like something other people get to do (you know, those annoying people that you read about who are constantly posting photos of a laptop on a beach).

This year I’ll be splitting my time between the UK Lake District and Paris. I’ll be writing about my favourite street, Paris life, France and anything else that comes my way.

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