• An Early Christmas Gift Courtesy of the French Strike

    An Early Christmas Gift

    My plans for Paris this week have been well and truly scuppered. A December trip, planned with military precision to squeeze in time with clients and friends was upended at the last minute. My  Eurostar was cancelled due to the…

  • Aux Merveilleux du Fred

    Aux Merveilleux!

    Discovering Aux Merveileux on Old Brompton Road is like finding a portal into another world. Yes, it’s London. Yes, it’s rush hour, but stepping into Aux Merveilleux is like walking into a sweet, buttery, steamy, caffeinated corner of Paris on…

  • Yvette Lundy & The Possum Escape Line
    French Resistance

    Yvette Lundy & The Possum Escape Line

    This week, Yvette Lundy, heroine of the french resistance passed away aged 103. Yvette grew up in Oger, a champagne region near Reims. Born into an ordinary farming family, the youngest of seven, Yvette spent her childhood in the countryside.…

  • Paris Street Art

    Paris Street Art

    Montmartre is full of artists, but you’re probably not looking on the side of buildings for them. They may not have the pull of the Louvre or the romanticism of Place du Tertre, but there are magnificent works of street…

  • Yes, mushroom farming in Paris is really a thing

    Mushroom Farming in Paris

    Yes, mushroom farming in Paris is really a thing. High rise housing, abandoned 1970s underground car parks and bio farming may seem unlikely companions, but La Caverne urban mushroom farm is a phenomenon defying all expectations.

  • A Gare Du Nord Facelift

    A Gare Du Nord Facelift

    A Gare du Nord facelift is already underway but this week saw the CNC Commission approve additional plans to extend Europe’s busiest station. Overturning a previous decision rejecting expansion, the ruling has got Parisians hot under the collar at the…

  • The French Cafe: An Endangered Species?
    French Cafe

    The French Cafe: Endangered Species?

    Le cafe is in trouble. This week saw French president Emmanuel Macron stepping in with €150 million to rescue French cafe culture. La Parisien estimates that the number of cafes and bars in France has declined rapidly from 600,000 in…

  • Femicide in France

    France & Femicide

    France recorded its 100th case of femicide this year at the beginning of the month. With one of the highest rates of female murders perpetrated by partners, ex partners or male family members in Europe, it’s estimated that a woman…

  • Brexit

    Happy Birthday Les Halles (& me)

    This week I’m sharing a birthday with Les Halles. Albeit from a distance. I’m back in the UK for work. My first few eventful days home have been punctuated by plans to suspend parliament for a month. Swiftly followed by…

  • The Wallace Fountains of Paris

    The Wallace Fountains of Paris

    Iconic emerald green, cast iron Wallace fountains are peppered around Parisian streets and parks. Designed and financed by an Englishman, a Francophile at that, these Neo Renaissance style fountains wear the name of Sir Richard Wallace. Way ahead of his…