• Paris Street Art

    Paris Street Art

    Montmartre is full of artists, but you’re probably not looking on the side of buildings for them. They may not have the pull of the Louvre or the romanticism of Place du Tertre, but there are magnificent works of street…

  • The Wallace Fountains of Paris

    The Wallace Fountains of Paris

    Iconic emerald green, cast iron Wallace fountains are peppered around Parisian streets and parks. Designed and financed by an Englishman, a Francophile at that, these Neo Renaissance style fountains wear the name of Sir Richard Wallace. Way ahead of his…

  • Market Day On Rue Ordener

    Early Morning Market on Rue Ordener

    Stalls are setting up to a symphony of clanking, banging, rustling and the turning of trolley wheels. The twice weekly fermentation of noise and frenzied motion signals one thing, market day on Rue Ordener. Setting up for market day on…

  • La Belle Epoch & Anarchy
    French Anarchists

    La Belle Epoque & Anarchy

    Two doors down from my apartment is the site of the world’s first recorded grand theft auto bank robbery at the Société Générale (and I wonder why people are afraid to go north of the Sacre Coeur). 1911 may evoke opulent…

  • The E-Scooter Has Arrived

    The E-Scooter Has Arrived

    Paris has recently been invaded. By e-scooters, or “trottinettes” as they are referred to by Parisians and not everyone is happy about it. Le e-scooter Start Up est arrivé Pioneered in San Francisco, micro mobility is the most rapidly expanding…

  • Paris

    Le Shopping

    It’s impossible to live in Paris without doing le shopping at some point. My neighbourhood in Montmartre has a supermarket on every corner, so it seems only right that I should acquaint myself with a few. I don’t mind admitting…

  • Monmartre

    153 Rue Ordener, Montmartre

    It’s almost the end of my first week on Rue Ordener. So far we’ve had a day with no running water, a wedding and a visit from two fire engines. I’d call that a roaring success for week 1 in…

  • Paris, at last. My new front door.

    Paris, at last

    The week before leaving for Paris I worked in London, Oxford and Birmingham. Sunday night I was back in London ready for le early 07.55 Eurostar and Paris, at last. A wave of panic I think that I was so…

  • Rue Ordener. The view from Le nord sud

    Rue Ordener

    With it’s cobbled streets Monmartre conjures images of the Moulin Rouge, Pigalle, sex shops, windmills, theatres, the Sacre Coeur, artists, writers and bohemia. Rue Ordener is none of these things. Instead, you’ll find an unassuming, quiet little street tucked away…

  • An Airbnb neophyte in Paris.

    Airbnb neophyte

    Well, I couldn't very well have a title that said 'Airbnb virgin' could I? That's just an open invitation to Russian spambots to do what they're best at. But yes, this is my first Airbnb experience. I am, as they…